When working with a team and a compound, various questions arise during the development phase and even after marketing, that the regulatory professional does not know how to answer, where to start their research or doesn’t have the time to spend finding the answer.  Let Regulatorium provide research services to you for an hourly fee; we have access to research tools and databases to accomplish your research needs quickly and efficiently.  If you need our services for one question or on an on-going basis, we will be happy to help. 

Questions can range from technical publishing, to country specific requirements to high level strategy.  For an example of some non-proprietary research questions and how we’ve answered them, please see examples below (examples are not necessarily current).


Please fill out the attached form (coming soon) and send it to: and we will get back to you in 24 hours with an approximate price and timeline.  If you need research done in a rush, please contact us at 510-331-4492.

Large companies can establish an account; individual users will be billed via PayPal prior to work being conducted.